Rentah is a platform that allows you to “Rent Out” your goods and services at a price of your choosing. If you are a freelancer, local business, or just a neighbor looking to earn a few extra bucks, you can start posting and promoting your listings for free.


Create a listing and put a clear title, description and photos


List your goods and services at the price of your choice


Share your listing on social media and wait for the requests to come in!

Tips For Better Providing

  • Providers = Freelancers, Businesses and anyone that offers a good or service on Rentah

  • Be clear and detailed with your meeting arrangements and be sure to provide your phone number.

  • If your item requires cables, accessories or instructions, be sure to include them or at least make a note of it.

  • State your expectations for the maintenance of your item up front. If your item needs to be cleaned or serviced before return, be clear about that before lending it.

  • Be on time! If you can't be on time for your arranged meeting, be sure to call or text ahead.

  • Remember to log back in to mark the transaction complete and provide feedback. Your reviews benefit the entire community.

How Providing Works


You impulse bought an ice cream machine and now you barely use it.


Come to Rentah and list the ice cream machine for rent until you need it again.


Rent that ice cream machine to your neighbor and make some extra money and maybe a friend.


What are my responsibilities as a provider working on Rentah?

To be respectful, courteous, punctual and respectful to the members on Rentah. We want to foster a community of trust and it starts with all of us. Beyond this, how you conduct business is up to you. If you prefer that the renter meet up with you then suggest that, if you prefer to visit the Renter that can work too. We wanted to create a flexible platform that allows you to conduct business the way you see fit.

Is there anything I can’t rent out on Rentah?

As a Provider we expect you to be aware of your local laws and ordinances. If its illegal please don’t do it on our site. No Guns, Prostitution or Drugs.

How does payment work with Rentah?

Rentah is free for all Providers. After a transaction is completed you will have your money deposited directly into your bank account after 5 business days. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Is my bank account and credit/debit card information safe with Rentah?

Yes, We work with Stripe who stores all of your information in their system. They have handled billions in transactions and considered one of the major influencers in regards to online payments.

What happens if a renter damages or steals my product?

In the event of a claim for damage, time stamped photos will be required from the moment just before the exchange and just as the item is returned. In the event of theft, you must notify the police and supply your crime reference number in order to claim.

What insurance is available?

At the moment we do not offer insurance. It is something we are working on. What we currently offer providers for protection is the ability for them to charge a deposit on an item, service or space that they offer.