Rentah is a platform that allows you to “Rent From” your neighbors, local businesses and Freelancers.


Find or request what you need


Chat with the provider and meet up


Return the product and be friends

Tips For Better Renting

  • When requesting an item, tell the owner how you plan to use it. It can help the owners peace of mind when renting out to you.

  • Be clear about when you want to rent the item. The more specific your request, the easier it will be for the provider to start the rental.

  • Be on time! If you can't be on time for your arranged meeting, be sure to call or text ahead. Communication is an important part of the process.

  • Return the item in the same or better condition than you received it. Taking pictures of the item at the start of the rental can help keep track of damage.

  • After the rental is complete, remember to leave a review and feedback for the provider and the item. This allows future users to make better renting decisions.

Friends connecting with friends.

Connections are not only between people, but between things, our interests and who we share them with.

We provide a one stop shop for whatever you want or need, and if you cannot find it, we'll find it for you. Share with and trust in your network.

Renting re-imagined.


What does it mean to be a “Renter ”?

To be respectful, courteous and punctual with your time and payments with our providers.

Is my bank account and credit/debit card information safe with Rentah?

Yes. We work with Stripe who stores all of your information in their system. They have handled billions in transactions and considered one of the major influencers in regards to online payments. If you ever have any questions about Rentah’s security, please contact us at and we’ll route your inquiry to our security team.

How does payment work with Rentah?

We’ve set up the payment system to be fast, easy, and secure for everyone involved. As a Renter you pay with your credit card using our secure payment gateway. The credit card payment is held in escrow until the delivery is successfully made and both Provider and Traveler (the person delivering the items) have confirmed that it has been safely delivered. As a Traveler, once delivery confirmation happens, payment is released from escrow and securely deposited into your bank account. Fast, easy, and secure!

What happens if the provider does not show up with the good or service after you placed a payment?

Please contact us immediately if you believe something is fishy and we will return your money to you as long as you reach out to us within the hour. We also recommend you speaking with the providers via our messaging system before hand so enure everything is going according to plan. If you trust the provider enough you can send the money before you meet. If you wish to be safer you can tell the Provider that you prefer to pay after seeing the product or space.

What happens if a provider claims that I damaged their product?

In the event of a claim for damage, time stamped photos will be required from the moment just before the exchange and just as the item is returned.

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