We are built on the idea that what you are looking for is already within your own community or network - please join us in offering safe and reliable transactions. Whether you need a particular item for a short time, someone to help you with a project, a living space or an event space.

Rentah has you covered.

How It Works


You impulse bought an ice cream machine and now you barely use it.


Come to Rentah and list the ice cream machine for rent until you need it again.


Rent that ice cream machine to your neighbor and make some extra money and maybe a friend.

Trust & Safety

Optional Deposits.

Personalized Profiles.

Peer Reviews.

Friends connecting with friends.

Connections are not only between people, but between things, our interests and who we share them with.

We provide a one stop shop for whatever you want or need, and if you cannot find it, we'll find it for you. Share with and trust in your network.

Renting re-imagined.