You can rent out pretty much anything to your liking, your bike, backyard, your personal training services, you name it. On Rentah you are your own business!

Rentah is an open platform that connects the customer to the renter. We don't have any actual dealing with the exact exchange. All business transactions are organized by you. To be safe we suggest meeting up in public and discussing all business matters prior to any exchange of funds. We have implemented features such as e-mail and phone verification for further protection.

This is dependent on the agreement between the Renter and Rentee. We ask that our users are respectful of each other's time and property.

We are 100% free to use. We are hands off. We do not take any fees..

That is up to the Renter and Provider. We recommend using a trusted app like Venmo, CashApp, Paypal that have security features to protect you..

Rentah is an open platform, so all pricing is completely handled and operated by the Provider. Each Provider will determine if their prices are negotiable.

Being that Rentah is an open platform, we believe in the honor system. It is wise to be as informative and direct as possible when dealing with a Provider or Renter. Always make sure to be clear and respectful of each other’s time to avoid such issues. If a major issue arises, we have a dispute hotline where we can try to accommodate and come to agreements on any dispute. (Hotline: 718-966-3131)

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