Rentah is a website and platform that allows freelancers, businesses and regular people to either provide goods or services for rent or request them to rent.

Provider vs Renter

Providers and Renters can be interchangeable but to help us understand the people that offer something are “Providers” and the consumers are “Renters” on our site.


On our site you can search items and people.

You can search by newest listing, price, listings in your area and most popular.

You can look for your friends and find mutual friends and add them as connections too.

Goods and Services

We saw this as the simplest way to break down “Whatever, Whenever”.

You can search a “bike” and find a bike to rent but you may also find a bike repair man or a storage unit to hold your bike while you go out of town for the summer. Within the search you can further filter to find exactly what you want.

Create a Listing

Create a listing whether it be a good or service. We wanted to give you a quick simple process to start posting, sharing and earning money.

Request a Listing

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our site “create a request” for particular item and we will do our best to help find what you are looking for through our community. (This reason we ask for tags in your profile based on expertise and skill to help connect providers and renters)


It is free and easy to sign up. Once in our system start listing or start searching. Our site is free for all Providers.

Emails and Notifications

Remember to check your emails and the website for notifications so you don’t miss out on any business opportunities.


We have an internal messaging system so you can communicate with potential clients and providers. We recommend you discuss the transaction and simple logistical questions that may arise so your experience is as smooth as possible.


We give you the possibility to rate your connections and people you have done business with. You can rate both the individual good or service you received as well as rating the individual. We did this in the event that “John” may be an awesome guy but his “PS4” could overheat.

You can leave reviews on a person profile, individual item page or through the history section in your dashboard.




Our philosophy is simple. We believe in the Honor System and The Golden Rule.

Be Considerate. Have your profile filled out and communicate.

Treat other people's stuff the way you'd like your stuff to be treated. You know what to do. If you get something dirty, clean it. If you break something, replace it.

Show up on time. People are busy. Be clear and detailed with your plans to meet up to exchange items. Show up at the agreed meeting time. Be sure to share phone numbers just in case you're running late.